Great Question AI Manifesto

AI will augment research, not replace researchers.

Ned Dwyer
May 3, 2023
Great Question AI Manifesto

Large language models (LLM) and AI are a generational transformative technology at the same scale as the invention of the internet or the mobile phone.

While many of its use cases are still limited and often overstated, the technology is advancing fast; AI will soon touch every product on the planet.

Changes of this magnitude create uncertainty. How will AI impact UX research? Won’t AI introduce bias? Couldn’t it compromise data privacy and security? And what if AI ultimately replaces researchers?

At Great Question, we’re uniquely positioned to use AI for good in the world of UX research. It’s our responsibility to do so in a way that augments and empowers researchers, not replaces them. Here’s what we envision at Great Question and what it means for you.

Our vision for AI at Great Question

Privacy and security first

From day one, we’ve built our platform with data privacy and security as a core principle. With SOC-2 and GDPR compliance, at any time candidates can exercise their right to be forgotten. We meet enterprise-grade security requirements via our regular penetration testing.

We protect customer PII from the outside world, by holding back any PII from OpenAI no matter what opt-in your organization has selected. As we introduce AI into our product, this same principle is why we will protect PII from the large language models we use for analysis. All the necessary controls are already in place. In terms of opting in for Great Question AI, users and accounts can set their own preferences, offering flexibility and control.  

TL;DR: PII is never shared with any of our AI models; your data will never be used as a part of an LLM training set (ie: GPT-3/4).

AI will augment researchers, not replace them

We envision a platform where you can opt in to automatically summarize customer interviews and create highlight reels for key moments. Speed up your workflows with automatic summarization of customer interviews, suggested tags, and highlight reels created for key moments. Draft customer surveys in seconds. It will also empower people who do research – product managers, designers, marketers, engineers – to run research themselves without needing help from researchers.

TL;DR: Work faster and accomplish more with your team.

AI is optional

Great Question is an end-to-end UX research platform. From recruiting participants to conducting interviews, surveys, and focus groups to synthesis, Great Question is your home for every step of the UX research process. You don't need to use AI for it to be amazing now – and you never will. That’s what makes it special. That’s why, even as we add AI features to Great Question, using these features will always require you to opt in, both at the user and account level.

TL;DR: Opt in or out. It’s up to you. 

Try Great Question AI

We believe AI should be ethical, transparent, and optional. It should be used to augment and empower people who do research, not replace them. And that’s exactly what we’re working on right now.

Learn more about Great Question AI here and give it a try. We'd love to hear what you think.

Ned is the co-founder and CEO of Great Question. He has been a technology entrepreneur for over a decade and after three successful exits, he’s founded his biggest passion project to date, focused on customer research. With Great Question he helps product, design and research teams better understand their customers and build something people want.

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