Webinar Recap: Democratizing Research with Templates

Megan Johnson
July 19, 2022
Webinar Recap: Democratizing Research with Templates

If you missed our webinar about democratizing research with templates, fear not! We have compiled the main points for you below, and if you want to watch the webinar for the full experience, you can check the webinar recording here.

Being a user experience researcher is no easy feat, and that’s putting it lightly. You’re probably bouncing between recruiting research candidates for discovery interviews, writing up your research notes from your concept test, and nudging the UX designer for the prototypes for your upcoming prototype test. This continuous shifting between different projects can be overwhelming and confusing to keep up with. 

You need the support of your team; that’s why our goal at Great Question is to democratize research. We believe that everybody is a researcher, and customer research should be conducted by everyone. Democratizing research sounds great, but how do you actually do it?

In this webinar, our Head of Product Marketing, Thereasa Roy was joined by Jack Holmes, Harri Thomas, and our customer Shelly Lingham to explore how you can democratize research with our research templates. Here’s what was discussed. 

Research templates lay a great foundation 

Research templates give you a good first step to begin your research. You might know what you want to research, but you might not be sure how to start. The beauty of our research templates is that you’re not working with a blank canvas. With our research templates, you can get an idea on how to get started. Each template comes with an example introductory statement, checklist and questions to include. This will give you a holistic view of everything that should be included in a research interview or survey.

You can inspire teams to do different types of research 

You may have an idea to conduct a persona interview, but after looking at the research templates, you may realize a persona survey is better suited to your research project. Plus, you may find that looking through the templates, you see a different type of research you should be conducting. It never hurts to mix research methods — in fact, mixing research methods reduces bias. Our research templates also encourage collaboration across teams. Product teams, marketers and researchers can conduct their own research using the templates.

Research templates are in everyone’s interest

Simply put, research templates reduce the work that’s required from each individual. As a researcher, you’ll save loads of time as you don’t have to write interview questions or design surveys from scratch. Product managers can learn about the impact of different types of research as each template lists the strengths and weaknesses of each research method. Marketers can use the research templates to build out audience messaging and positioning questions.

How Chipper Cash uses templates to democratize research

Chipper Cash, an African cross-border payments solution company has been a Great Question customer for a little over a year. UX researcher, Shelly Lingham, explained how Chipper Cash uses research templates to democratize research at Chipper Cash.

Shelly starts with comparing the product roadmap alongside the templates found in the template library. For instance, she can match studies and surveys to upcoming aspects of product development. This enables her to streamline her research plans and prioritize working on more strategic other projects. Then she assigns a research template to each corresponding team member who will also be involved in the research project. For example, the Brand Designer or the Product Marketer. 

With research templates, other members of the team, particularly in Marketing and Product can handle research projects so that research responsibilities no longer solely falls on the UX team. The templates educate users beforehand and equip the users with enough information for them to carry out their research with minimal assistance from the research team — true democratization of research!

Democratize research today

Research templates can help you democratize research by reducing the admin work required in carrying out research and help you conduct multiple research projects simultaneously. Do you want to learn more about using templates to democratize research?

Check out the webinar recording here.

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