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From GDPR to Soc2 compliance, we take security seriously at no extra cost to you

GDPR compliant
GDPR compliant from the start. We give control to individuals over their personal data, making it easy for your customers to participate and opt out of research.
Protecting your data via SOC 2. Managing customer data based on five trust service principles with our Soc2 Type 1 compliance certificate.
Privacy first
Privacy for customers and researchers. Protect the personally identifiable information of researchers and customers with global privacy settings.
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Make it easy for your research participants to send in their feedback. Protect personal information of researchers and respondents and know your data is safe with Great Question.

Data Subject Rights

Great Question acts as a Data Processor as a business helping it's customers process their users' data.

Right to access and portability
Great Question supports individuals' right to access and right to portability of both their personal data, and the data of their own research participants and end users. Requests for export can be made contacting privacy@greatquestion.co
Right to be forgotten
Great Question supports individuals' right to be forgotten, and the rights of their end users. We will ensure that all data is deleted upon our systems, and any third parties we engage with. Deletion can be requested by contacting privacy@greatquestion.co
Right to object
We support individuals’ right to object. Your research participants can opt out of contact on both a per study and account basis.
Right to rectification
We support individuals' right to rectification - either directly through your account settings, or by contacting privacy@greatquestion.co

Frequently asked questions

How much does Great Question cost?

You can get started for free with a 14-day trial, and solo plans start at $49/month. You can launch unlimited projects, there are no limits on the kinds of studies you can host, and we’ll cover up to 5,000 customers in your panel and up to 20 hours of transcriptions a month.

What makes Great Question better than other platforms?

We believe that customer research should be easy enough that anyone can do it. Today, many teams are forced to use multiple tools to initiate and complete research projects, this makes research hard. We put all the steps into a single platform, so you can find the right customer, conduct your study using any method you need, keep track of the findings in our repository and pay incentives all in one place.

Does Great Question have a UX Repository?

Every subscription includes your own UX Repository. When studies are complete, recordings are automatically uploaded and transcribed. You can add tags and easily share findings across your organization.

Are you SOC 2 compliant?

Yes, we have completed our SOC 2 Type 1 examination. This represents our organizations committment to security for our customers data.

How do you track incentives sent outside of Great Question?

Our integration with the incentive platform Tremendous allows our customers to send incentives to over 80 countries worldwide. For those customers that would prefer to send their incentives in a different system, it’s easy to update the status of those incentives on each study participant.

Is it easier to share research across my organization?

It’s easy in Great Question to share your research findings via our Slack integration, or you can easily tag and compile findings in our research repository. This is all part of the platform.

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