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Best-in-class incentives
International incentives available on all plans, with our Tremendous integration
No limits on usage
Observers, screeners, responses or page views, all without limits
Easy to use interface
Get started in minutes with or without a PhD
High touch, dedicated support
Dedicated support via email or shared Slack channel
Get started on a free trial, plans start from $49
A true All-in-one-solution
Panel management, customer interviews, surveys, prototypes, tests, and a UX repository

"Great Question makes EVERY research step easy and offers amazing support!"

Jillian Berger

Head of UX Research

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GDPR Compliant

Unmoderated interviews

Video capture & free transcription

UX repository

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All in one solution No Repository
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Price Starting at $79/month Starting at $49/month

Frequently asked questions

How do you send global incentives?

Our integration with the incentive platform Tremendous allows our customers to send incentives to over 80 countries worldwide. The easy-to-build user interface allows you to quickly identify who needs their incentive. A personalized thank you is emailed with a call to action that allows the customer to select the incentive of their choice.

What makes Great Question better than Ethnio?

We believe that customer research should be easy enough that anyone can do it. Today, many teams are forced to use multiple tools to initiate and complete research projects, this makes research hard. We put all the steps into a single platform, so you can find the right customer, conduct your study using any method you need, keep track of the findings in our repository and pay incentives all in one place.

Can you support multiple research teams?

We’ve made it easy for teams to coordinate calendars, do round robin scheduling, support observers, track notes in interview rooms and built out a wallet and budgeting capabilities within Great Question, so you can keep track of your spending across research teams or by the project.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, at Great Question, privacy is a first-class citizen. We are deeply committed to complying with GDPR and helping our customers to comply by providing all the necessary tooling. Read more here: https://greatquestion.co/gdpr

How much does Great Question cost?

You can get started for free with a 14-day trial, and solo plans start at $49/month. You can launch unlimited projects, there are no limits on the kinds of studies you can host, and we’ll cover up to 5,000 customers in your panel and up to 20 hours of transcriptions a month.

Is it easier to share research across my organization?

It’s easy in Great Question to share your research findings via our Slack integration, or you can easily tag and compile findings in our research repository. This is all part of the platform.

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