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All the research in one place
From building your customer panel to launching research, saying thank you with incentives and sharing insights, we’ve included every part of the customer research process in one system.
Easily share insights
Before, during and after studies you can share lists, early survey results, or interview clips, all within Great Question. Make it easy for everyone to hear the voice of the customer.
Next level privacy & security
We know that your customers trust you with sensitive information. We take that privacy & security seriously, and are SOC 2 & GDPR compliant with extra privacy settings for PII, easily controlled by admins.
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Involve any teams in research with free observer seats, share learnings from the research repository and share the research loads with round robin capabilities. No matter who leads the research, anyone can participate.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Great Question the best platform for Fintech companies?

Your customers trust you to keep their data safe and secure, while building them a useful solution. We provide the same sense of security. Users don’t have to set up accounts at Great Question, they’re just going to get you the feedback you need. They can opt in or out at any time, and you don’t have to worry about over-contacting with our default eligibility settings.

How much does Great Question cost?

Great Question starts at $49/month for solo plans. You can add as many observers as you want, making it easy for anyone to participate in research. Teams and Enterprise plans have additional features and increase the number of creators on your account. Read more about Great Question pricing here.

My team is small, how will Great Question help?

We built Great Question to be the best research platform for research teams of any size. We know that research includes a bunch of steps, and we’ve tried to make it easier to execute most of those steps in one place. We have customers with research teams of 1 and others with teams up to 200. All teams appreciate having a single system to conduct customer research.

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