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Conduct amazing customer interviews in Great Question

Customer Interviews

Updated on
May 6, 2022

Customer Interviews

Select this option when you are interested in speaking directly with your users via phone calls, video, or in-person.

  1. Start a new study and select customer interviews.
  2. Note: you can move within the flow by clicking the linked pages in the top. Make sure you save changes before navigating to another section.
  3. Set up your calendar.
  4. You can use Great Question’s scheduling tool or link to your calendly account.
  5. Calendly: you will need to make an event for your new study in Calendly so that it can be selected in the “Calendly Event” section. Alternatively, you can paste the link to your calendly event by clicking “enter a Calendly URL”, located just below the drop down box.
  6. GQ: Select the calendar you would like events to appear on from the dropdown and use the scheduling tool.  
  7. When complete click next.

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