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Sharing Great Question Artifacts

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Share your research with the right people!

Great Question is all about research (it's kind of our thing), and we want to you be able to share it with the people that need to see it.

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How to Share an Artifact

There are a couple ways to share your artifacts with others:

  • Inviting team members to be users on your account as Admins, Creators, or Observers.
    • If someone is not going to be using Great Question to conduct research, the Observer role is a great option. Especially since you can have as many observers as you would like on the account.
  • Changing the artifact's share settings so that anyone that has the link can view the artifact.
    • This is also referred to as security by obfuscation, due to links being very unique, complicated, and hard to guess.
    • Here is an example of an artifact URL:
      • Not a publicly accessible link...just an example. 😉
  • You can copy the URL from the browser, like you would with any website.
  • Every artifact (insight, reel, highlight, interview, and survey result) has the option to copy the relevant link by clicking on the chain link icon (copy link button).
  • The copy link button, in most cases, is in the top right corner of the artifact. Whether viewing the tile, while looking at all artifacts, or in the full page view.
Copy link button full page
  • While looking at an artifact via the slide-out modal, the copy link button is at the bottom.
Copy link button slide-out modal

Artifact Share Settings

When sharing an artifact, you may want to change its default share setting.

  • The Great Question default is "Anyone on the account can edit".
    • "Anyone on the account" refers to any admins and creators. Observers cannot make edits.
  • The other option for each artifact is "Anyone with the link can view".
Your account default for interview rooms may already be "Anyone with the link can view" if an admin has already made the change.
Changing an artifact's share settings
artifact share settings
  1. Open the artifact that you want to edit in full view.
    1. To open in full view, click on the "Open in full view" button, next to the chain link icon.
  2. Click on Share in the top right corner, as seen in the above full view image.
  3. Click on the dropdown list and select the option you want to use.
    1. Changes are saved automatically.
  4. Optional: Click Copy link to copy the link directly from the popup modal.
  5. Close the popup modal when done.
Changing the account's default artifact share settings

Admins can now change the default share settings of insights, reels, highlights, and interviews.

  1. Go to the account settings.
  2. Click on Members.
  3. Click on Settings within the Members page.
  4. Click on the dropdown and select "Anyone with the link can view".
all artifact share settings


Is there an option for password protected artifacts/URLs?

  • Not at this time. Password protected URLs can be quite difficult to manage and hard to keep up with.
  • Creating an account (even as an observer) is easy, and comes at no cost to the user.
  • Alternatively, sharing a link with their long, random strings of text and numbers creates security by obfuscation - it would be very difficult for someone to guess these random strings to find your particular video, similarly to how Google Document links work.

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