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Adding a Custom Consent Form to an Account

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If you have additional legal requirements for participating in your studies, you can add custom consent forms or NDAs to your account to use for your studies.

Consent form

Once attached, candidates will have to view and sign your document before being able to book a time, complete a survey, or start a task.

Only an option for users with Admin level permissions.
  1. In account settings, click Legal.
  2. Click Attach file.
  3. Attach your consent form (must be a PDF).
    1. Optional: Click Set as default to make the custom consent form the default for all studies.
    2. Optional: Add other fields that you want required for your participants to fill out:
      1. Name, email, job title, and/or address. Signature is always required.
Consent form fields
Uploaded consent form

What does this look like for the participant?

Participant consent view
Participant consent view cont
  1. You can access the participant's profile and look for Consent, just above Studies.
  2. Click Download PDF.
Signed consent form location

What happens if a candidate has already signed the same consent form on a previous study?

  • For every study that has a consent from, the candidate will be required to view and offer a digital signature before they can proceed with the study.

Does the participant receive a copy of the signed consent form?

  • Not at this time. A copy would need to be downloaded from their profile and sent to them.

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