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Change Your Company Logo

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Adding your logo in Great Question

Branding is important! Great Question wants to make sure your logo is shared with your clients so that they know who you are. 😁

Only users with Admin level permissions can change company settings.
Logo changes can also be made by admins within the Branding page, when using the custom branding feature.
  1. Navigate to your account settings.
  2. Select Profile, under Company name.
  3. Click Upload Logo.
  4. Select the logo from your files and click Open.
  5. Click Update Account for changes to go into effect.
We recommend an image that is ~512 pixels wide, transparent, and in PNG format. Also, remove any "extra space", as shown below...

Logo without extra space:

Logo - Correct

Logo with extra space that needs to be removed for best results:

Logo - Extra space

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