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Qualtrics Integration

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Qualtrics Integration

Integrate Great Question and Qualtrics

Use your Qualtrics surveys with Great Question while still keeping the data in one place! (GQ. The one place is GQ... 😁)


The Setup

Use Qualtrics' Help Article for assistance within Qualtrics.
  1. Access your Qualtrics account
  2. Go to Account Settings > Qualtrics IDs > IDs (default tab)
  3. Obtain your Organization ID and Datacenter ID
  4. Go to Account Settings > Qualtrics IDs > OAuth Client Manager (tab next to IDs)
  5. Obtain your Client ID and Client Secret
    1. Please see Qualtrics Help Article for obtaining both.
    2. New Client requirements:
      1. Grant Type: Authorization Code
      2. Scopes: read:survey_responses & read:surveys
      3. Redirect URL:
  6. Insert the information above into Great Question within the Integrations page, under the Qualtrics section.
  7. Click +Connect.
  8. Select and login to the desired Qualtrics account.
  9. Grant access when prompted.
  10. Confirm the +Connect button now says Connected.
To disconnect, hover over Connected and click Disconnect.

Using Qualtrics in a Survey Study

Create the Study
  1. Click New study + at the top of the left sidebar menu. OR click New study in the top right corner, if in the Studies page.
  2. Select Survey.
  3. Name your study.
    1. By default, you will see the name as "Untitled study type (current date)"
  4. Optional: Change the study owner if you are creating this study on behalf of another team member by clicking on the Add Collaborator icon to the right of the study title.
Set the Plan
  1. Optional: Add a description for the Research goal.
  2. Set your Participant limit (how many total people you want to participate in your survey).
  3. Leave the incentive toggled on if you want to offer an incentive. If not, flip the toggle off.
    1. Choose your incentive method.
      1. By default, you will see that Money or gift card is selected.
    2. Update the value that you want EACH participant to receive, if using Money or gift card.
      1. Your total funds required will be shown at the Review page.
    3. Chose whether you want to fund the study Through Great Question or Outside of Great Question.
    4. If choosing something other than Money or gift card, follow the prompts that are now shown.
  4. Select your preferred Consent form option.
  5. Optional: Click on Show additional setup to see more settings, such as:
    1. Custom study attributes: More on study attributes here.
    2. Participant experience language to change the proffered language.
  6. Click Next.
Choose a Qualtrics Survey
  1. On the Survey tab, toggle on the Use my own survey link.
  2. Under Platform, click on the dropdown and select Qualtrics.
  3. Once you see Survey under Platform, select the survey that you want to use.
Your Qualtrics survey must have gq_token applied as an embedded data field in order to select it from the Survey dropdown. When a survey does not have the gq_token field, it will still appear in the dropdown, but it will be disabled and there will be a note saying -- "gq_token" field missing next to the title of that survey. More on this in Qualtrics' guide, here.
Only surveys that have been updated in the past seven (7) days will be shown.
  1. Click Next.
  1. Review the details of your study. You should see all green checkmarks.
    1. If you added an incentive but did not use Money or gift card, you will not see any incentive details to review.
    2. If you added an incentive, used Money or gift card, and chose Outside of Great Question, you will not see any incentive details to review.
    3. If you added an incentive, used Money or gift card, and chose Through Great Question, you will see the amount of funds needed for the study.
  2. If a step does not have a green checkmark, click on the edit icon to go back to that step's page and make the required updates.
  3. Once everything is all green, click Create or Create & Fund $$$.
    1. If you are funding your incentives through Great Question, you will be prompted to select a funding method and add funds.
  4. Done! Study Published! 🙌

Post Publish Features

Survey Data
  • Once a participant(s) have completed the survey, you can review the data by clicking on the Survey tab on the left and reviewing the details under:
    • Questions: houses all screener questions
    • Summary: results of participants responses
    • Individual: individual participant responses (shown as participants submit screeners)
  • Attributes can be added to the questions once they have been imported to the study, allowing for the responses to be added as values for the attributes.

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