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What is the candidate profile?

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Candidate profile overview

The candidate profile contains all the information about each candidate, as well as their activity.

To access a candidate's profile, click on the candidate's name from anywhere in Great Question, and then click View full profile.

Candiate profile

About the candidate profile

  • Lists the candidate's name, email, and attributes.
  • Lists the actions related to the candidate profile such as screener completion, being shortlisted, invitations, and more.
  • Lists all interviews that the candidate has participated in.
  • Lists all the candidate's recordings.
Screener Q&A
  • Lists all responses to past screener questions.
  • Lists all the studies the candidate has participated in.
  • Lists all content that has been attached to this section of the candidate's profile.
Observations ❗
  • Observations are no longer supported. Any previously made observations applied to candidate profiles have now been converted to Notes, via the Notes attribute. (Nov 6, 2023)
  • To make any notes/observations about the candidate, you can use the Notes attribute, found in the About section at the top.
    • Click on + Add attribute and search for Notes. Once selected, type in the details that you want added, user enter/return to add new lines of text. Click outside the text box to save your changes.
  • Lists all highlights created from interviews with the candidate.
  • Highlights are important sections that were highlighted and created from interviews or clips.
  • Choose when the candidate can be contacted.

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