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Time Proposals

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Utilizing Time Proposals

Finding the right time can be hard. Your participants should be able to share their availability with you, just as you do with them.

Welcome Time Proposals to the stage!✨⌚✨


Participants are no longer limited by your availability, which means they can now propose a time that works best for them and still have a chance to participate in your study.

How to enable Time Proposals

Allow Time Proposal example
  • Allow time proposals is enabled on every Customer Interview study by default.
  • You can locate this feature on the left side of the calendar, just under Booking Limits, and above Show advanced options.
  • To disabled, click on the toggle. This action is saved automatically.

What does Time Proposals look like for participants?

  1. Once you have invited a participant, they will be able to see your current availability, with the option to click Propose new time.
Default scheduler view
  1. Once they click Propose new time, they will see more dates and times to choose from.
proposal view
  1. Next, they will be able to click on a date and then check multiple options that work best for them.
proposal view
  1. After selecting their preferred times, they click Confirm, and then are able to review and confirm their details and selected times.
confirmation page
  1. After clicking Confirm and send proposal, they are brought to a confirmation page.
confirmation page

How do I accept a proposal?

Keep in mind that these proposals may not always line up with your availability. Please check your calendar and confirm your availability before accepting the approval. ✔️
  1. After the participant submits their proposed time, you will receive an email that takes you to the study, where you can review the proposal.
proposal email
  1. Once you are in the study, you can click on the red calendar icon.
Proposal review
  1. After clicking the icon, a side panel will show the participant's proposed times.
proposed times review
  1. Once reviewed, you can select one and click on Accept & schedule.
Proposed time selection
  1. You will then see that they have been scheduled, and show in the Scheduled view.
Scheduled view
  1. An email will be sent to the participant confirming the selected time, along with a calendar invite. Same as if they selected a time following the standard process.

What if the proposed times do not work for me?

  • If the proposed times do not fit within your schedule, you can use the Invitation Reminder email to send a custom message to the participant, allowing you to work out a time, while still including the CTA that allows the participant to schedule with you.

Have Questions?

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