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Research Repository Basics

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Get to know the Great Question Repository

The repository is where all research is housed. Insights, Reels, Highlights, Interviews (guide coming soon), and Survey Results. It has all the things!

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Building out a research repository is critical for a number of reasons:

  1. You are democratizing access to research insights across your team (and maybe your organization).
  2. Centralizing your research so that it is easy to find, consolidate, and share.
  3. Streamlining the number of tools needed to digest research insights.

To access your repository, click on Repository on the left-side menu.

Using the Repository

Since this is where all of your data lives, you'll want to get pretty familiar with what features the repository offers:

The Basics
  • Search the repository using filters (Added by, Date added, Studies, and Tags), candidate names/emails, or keywords.
  • Create new insights, upload recordings of past interviews into new or current interview rooms, and create new reels directly from the main page via the New button.
  • Choose how to view and sort artifacts in your repository, and even set the view as the default.
  • Choose the type of artifacts you want to work with by selecting a sub category in the top menu bar.
More In Depth

From within each sub category:

  • Copy links for each artifact via the chain link icon.
  • Click each artifact to preview (Insights and Survey results will automatically open in full view).
  • Delete artifacts via the ⋯ menu for Insights, Reels, and Highlights.
  • Check the checkbox for each artifact to complete a bulk action, depending on the artifact type.
You can reference the linked guides at the top of this guide for more details on creating and managing each artifact type.

Have Questions?

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