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How to use and share Highlights

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Use and Share Highlights

Once a participant completes a customer interview, it’s time for the fun part—digging into the feedback to form actionable insights.

At least, that’s our definition of fun. 😉

What they are?

You’ve probably seen our interview room before. That’s where the video and transcript will appear, either automatically if you’ve integrated Zoom or populate after you upload a video recording.

Now, in addition to being able to highlight and tag relevant insights in these transcripts, you can highlight and share video snippets directly from the interview room.

How to make highlights?

From the interview room, highlight a portion of the transcript you think would be valuable to share with a colleague.

From there, click ‘Highlight’. From there, the clip will be automatically created, and you’ll be able to add tags, play the clip, link to the clip, or view it in a new page.

How to share highlights?

Use the clip link to share the clip wherever your team works—whether in Slack channels, tickets, emails, or project plans.

Sharing clips will help your team by:

  1. Pinpointing the most valuable parts of the customer interview
  2. Simplifying how your teammates dig through customer feedback
  3. Democratizing access to the research insights

Create your first highlight!

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