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How do I send incentives, and how to participants claim them?
Automatic vs. manual sending through email, and the flow through which participants can redeem their incentive

How do I send incentives, and how to participants claim them?

Updated on
March 2, 2022

Incentives are a great way to show your research participants you appreciate their time and expertise. So let's make sure you're prepped to send those incentives through Great Question so you can immediately thank them for their time and expertise.

Today, there are two different ways to send incentives to successful study participants through email: through automation (depending on the study type), or manually upon review. We'll also explain how participants can claim their incentive. Let's dig in.

How to send incentives through Great Question

Sending incentives automatically

Please note, this option is only available for customer interview studies.

Once you've published your study, click on Settings. Click Automation. Select the option to automatically send incentives 24 hours after an interview is completed.

Sending incentives manually

Once participants have completes an interview or task, they'll be pushed to the Completed column in the study candidate table.

From there, you can review their interview/submission. When you tick the box next to their name, you'll have the option to click the Send button in the top right corner. One option will be to Send thanks. This will enable you to send their incentive.

Note that you may want to customize your Send thanks email prior to sending it—and make sure your default email sender is coming from your email domain for optimized deliverability.

How participants claim incentives

Once you send the Thank you email that contains the incentive (either automatically or manually), the participant will receive an email with a link to claim their incentive.

Try sending yourself a test of the thank you email to view their experience. You'll see this option in the Edit email modal when you try manually sending an incentive.

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