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How to share clips with your team
All about sharing clips to your team in GQ or externally

How to share clips with your team

Updated on
March 17, 2022

After you've gone through a transcript and created clips from the golden nuggets, you may want to share those insights with your team.

After all, using the insights is the best way to derive value from your research activities.

Here's how to share clips, monitor views, and manage viewing permissions.

How to share clips

After you've created a clip, you can share the URL to that clip in three different ways:

  1. From the clip modal, click Share link
  2. From the clip modal, click View on full page. Then, share the link by clicking the button in the top right.
  3. From underneath the full video at the top, click on the clip. This will open the full clip page, then follow step 2.

How to track views of your clips (and transcripts)

From both the main interview room and the full clip page, you can check and see who's viewed your research.

Simply click the Views button on the top right, and you can double check who's found it valuable.

How to manage viewing permissions

Sometimes, you may want to share a clip with folks who aren't currently on your team's GQ account.

To manage this, you can change whether you want the clip link to be accesses "publicly", or restrict it to GQ user-only access.

  1. From the full page of the clip, click Share
  2. From the drop down, select the permissions you'd like to set for that clip

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