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User Roles and Permissions
Understanding the difference between admin, creators, and observers.

User Roles and Permissions

Updated on
June 21, 2022

Democratizing research is why we created Great Question in the first place. And the best way to do that at your organization is to invite folks to participate in or view your research.

So, we made it easy with different types of accounts.

What are the 3 different user roles?

The three different permission levels are Admin, Creator, and Observer.


Being an account Admin is basically like having the One Ring. With this paid seat, you can do everything—manage payment details, view invoices, manage attributes, and control your incentives wallet.

You can have more than one Admin on your account, and it's important to note these members count toward your seat limit. Don't let the power go to your head. 😉


GQ Creator seats are also paid, and count toward your seat limit. These folks can do most of what Admins can do, with a few exceptions.

Creators cannot:

  • View or manage payment details/invoices
  • Manage attributes
  • View the incentives wallet
  • Delete candidates from the panel
  • Delete studies
  • See attributes denoted as PII (personal identifiable information)


If you want to invite someone to view research but not run their own studies, you can give them a free Observer seat. They'll be able to join calls and see your repository.

*Note: If someone from your company signs up to GQ without an invite from an Admin or Creator, they'll automatically be given a free Observer seat before you upgrade them.

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